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Tyler Gains Independence Through Care 

Tyler Miller currently lives in one of AWARE’s adult mental health group homes. He’s been involved with AWARE’s services since he was 9 years old and has grown to appreciate the independence he has gained during the last 15 years.

 Originally from Hamilton, Montana, Tyler is quite fond of fishing and tent camping. In fact, when asked about his ideal outing, this is what he had to say.


“I’d love to go to Glacier to camp and fish. It would be awesome to catch a really nice trout and cook it over a fire. For dessert, we’d have s’mores (but the kind with Reese’s peanut butter cups instead of Hershey’s chocolate),” Tyler remarked. 

When he’s not daydreaming about new adventures, Tyler enjoys hanging out at his house alongside his other roommates. He occupies his time with Spiderman on PlayStation, reading graphic novels like Rosario + Vampire (he’s into anything vampire related), and painting on canvas. 

Over the years, Tyler has more or less grown up in AWARE’s services. He began at a boys group home in Butte, transitioned to one in Missoula and is currently enjoying his time in Anaconda.  

He’s been a volunteer at Pintler Pets and has spent some time working at Taco Time and Albertsons. Right now, though, he’s taking some time to re-evaluate his goals and figure out what he wants to do. He hopes to get back into work at some point in the future. 

One day he’d also like to try ice skating at Kennedy Commons, and he’d even like to catch more movies at Washoe Theater but is often deterred because of the crowds. They can be overwhelming.   

Tyler said, “I do go to Goosetown Health Club when I can to burn off some energy and get a workout in. I used to be a champion wrestler in high school, so I am used to lifting weights. My favorite machine is the leg press because I can lift the whole stack.” 

Tyler poked fun at the mention of any other sports calling them “weak” in comparison. He was happy to chat about wrestling and brought up numerous stories of his bouts in high school.  

Today, he considers himself somewhat of a role model and tries to lead by example for others in his home. He said it’s difficult at times, but he always tries his best and enjoys opportunities to learn new things. 

Tyler has enjoyed his time in AWARE’s group homes. His current program provides care in a least-restrictive environment giving him the freedom to participate in activities he enjoys. He receives individualized treatment from professional caregivers alongside healthy meals and snacks.  

As part of his routine, Tyler shares the responsibility for a clean and well-cared for home where he has his own room and plenty of space for his hobbies.  

Other supports are available to him based on his interests and skills that include help finding employment and/or schooling, introductions to community activities/organizations and ongoing therapy and nursing services.  

You can learn more about AWARE’s residential services by clicking here. 

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