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AWARE Ink Newsletter

Coming Soon: AWARE’s Corporate Congress and UCC Awards Banquet

AWARE’s 2023 Corporate Congress is being held June 14-16, 2023, at the Copper King Hotel in Butte, Montana, along with the Annual Unconditional Care Awards Banquet.

For those who don’t know, AWARE’s Corporate Congress is a unique and integral part of AWARE’s strategic planning process. It’s designed to solicit and use input from stakeholders, staff, management and the people we serve. The process helps with overall management of the organization and enlists the help of delegates representing each of AWARE’s services and communities. 

Upon arrival, delegates (representing AWARE’s service lines and communities) introduce themselves, their bills, and elect a Session President and Committee Chairs. Bills are then heavily debated in committees representing AWARE’s strategic priorities. Some bills are passed as is, some are amended and some are removed from the docket. In the end all passed bills are presented for a final reading to a panel of AWARE board members and leadership. The final bills become incorporated into the newest version of AWARE’s strategic plan and implemented into organizational policy and procedure. 

The session moves fast, and a lot of work gets done during the two and a half days. Delegates representing all the different services and communities of AWARE come together to form creative solutions that keep us at the top of our field. It’s an opportunity to network with peers and leadership while learning about everything housed under AWARE’s umbrella. There’s even some time built into the schedule for some fun with an awards banquet that celebrates individuals representing AWARE’s UCC Principles. 

We’re looking forward to meeting this year’s delegates and learning more about their bills that improve services and communities for more than 4,500 people each year!

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