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AWARE Ink Newsletter

Energize Your Life With Meditation

“Embarrassment is the cost of entry. If you aren’t willing to look like a foolish beginner, you’ll never become a graceful master.” ~Ed Latimore

In this AWARE Ink, we’re continuing to unwrap the energy givers introduced to you in the February AWARE Ink Wellness article, What Energizes You?.


As you found out, there are many natural and easy things you can do to bring a little more energy and wellness to your life.


This month, we’d like to help you get started on a meditation practice.


If you’re interested in beginning a meditation practice, whether you’re new or want to get back on a regular schedule, these meditation tips will help you. Hope you enjoy!


-        Start small. You can set a goal for five minutes when you first get started. As you feel more confident and would like to meditate longer, increase your time – 20 minutes is an optimal time for meditation.

-        Choose a time of day you can dedicate to your practice. Morning, noon or night, it doesn’t matter when but rather what works for you. Getting up to meditate before everyone in your house awakens is a great option. Or perhaps you have some time alone during your lunch hour. Or maybe a good time for you to meditate is after you’ve put your kids to bed at night. 

-        Sit in meditation the number of days per week that work for you. You can start with three days and add more as you feel necessary. Of course it’s possible for life to throw you off your schedule. That’s ok. Simply come back to your set time and space when life eases.

-        Create a place in your home dedicated to your practice. Your “zen den” can be as simple as a little corner of your couch or a room dedicated to meditation. Spice up your space with a small light or candle, inspirational photos or even fresh flowers. Get creative!

-        Choose a meditation position that is most comfortable to you. You can sit, stand or lay down. It’s important to pay attention to how your body is feeling while you meditate. It’s ok to modify your position to find what works. Need back support? Use a pillow. Do you experience pain when you’re sitting? Stand to meditate. Lie down when you would like additional support for your overall body. Close your eyes or keep them partially open with a light gaze.

-        Set a timer for the amount of time you’d like to meditate. You can use any kind of timer. Set a timer using an alarm on your cell phone, timer on your stove or egg timer. Whatever works best. Also, Insight timer is an app you can download that has a nice a bell that indicates the beginning and end of each meditation, among other benefits.  

-        Be kind to yourself if you lose concentration. When you notice your thoughts, bring yourself back with a breath and a kind word. Pema Chodron, mindfulness meditation teacher, encourages you to practice using supportive thoughts and phrases with your inner voice. In a friendly manner, tell yourself you are safe and loved.

-        Rest in mindful awareness. Once your timer rings at the end of your meditation, stretch your full body and take a deep breath and pause. You may journal about your practice or move on to other activities for the day – hopefully calm and centered.


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