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What Energizes You? 

REST is the keyword when you’re looking to experience a more energized life.  


To feel energized, you may have heard that it’s important to fill your own cup. Getting that shot of energy is, for the most part, easily accessible in our part of the world. It can be easily added to your daily or weekly routine at any time.  


Who doesn’t want to sip a piece of serenity?  


There are many ways you can help yourself feel rested, healthy and ready for your day. Sunshine, fresh air, meditation, hydration, nature, movement, sleep, reading, music and healthy food will help you step out of the stress mode we all often live in and find a resting state.

As you get to know yourself, you’ll know what to do to feel your best. Below you will find some tips about how you can bring these resting activities into your life. 

  • Step outside to experience sunshine, fresh air and nature by taking a walk. Make it a sensory experience by feeling the warm sunshine on your face, smelling the refreshing air, looking at the changing season and noticing the ground beneath your feet. 

  • Keep your favorite water bottle filled sitting close by to sip fresh water throughout the day. Staying hydrated supports joints, delivers oxygen to the body, smooths skin, regulates body temperature and much more. 

  • Set a time in the morning or evening to gather yourself in a mindful moment of meditation – five minutes connecting with your breath will do to begin. Regular meditation slows the nervous system and builds pathways in the brain that helps you respond rather than react throughout your day.   

  • Shop for healthy food and cook it while you listen to your favorite relaxing music. Did you know that your choice in music will support your feelings and nervous system? Fast music may help feel more alert and concentrate better, and upbeat music provides positive outlook. Slow tempo music quiets your mind and relaxes muscles. It’s best to notice how your choice makes you feel. Your choice of music will also make your healthy food taste that much better! 

  • Sit in a comfy chair and get lost in a book. By engaging the imagination, you enter a different state of consciousness, providing the opportunity for your body to relax. 

  • Make your sleeping space comfortable by wearing comfy clothes, changing the sheets on your bed weekly and setting the temperature at a comfortable level each night to ensure restful sleep. Remember to wash off the day with a nice bath or shower. 


To find more articles about supporting your mental wellness, go to the AWARE Ink Newsletter at While you’re there subscribe to receive more wellness articles and information about the happenings at AWARE.  

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