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AWARE Ink Newsletter

Meet our Board Chair – Jesse Laslovich

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

AWARE is governed by a diverse group of professionals who volunteer their time, knowledge, skills, and expertise each month and throughout the year to keep us pointed in the right direction. They have all achieved excellence in their fields and are considered among the best in the state at what they do. It’s easy to say we’re inspired by them, and we think you will be too, which is why we are going to highlight each and every one of them over the next several months.

First up is Jesse Laslovich (pictured), our Board Chair who has served on AWARE’s Board of Directors since 2013. Jesse is a driving force behind our latest long-term planning efforts and has led the charge to grow and diversify the board’s reach throughout Montana.

He’s excited about the opportunities ahead, working alongside a great group of professionals, and believes whole-heartedly in our mission - helping people live independent lives.

Jesse is an Anaconda native who previously served in the Montana House of Representatives and later was elected to the Montana Senate where he chaired the Senate Judiciary and Ethics Committees.

After his time in the legislature, Jesse became Chief Legal Counsel to Montana’s State Auditor Monica Lindeen. Today, Jesse is the Vice President of Network Development for SCL Health.

Jesse, we thank you for pushing us toward excellence and serving as AWARE’s Board Chair. Your leadership and commitment to helping people live independent lives is truly remarkable. Thank you for helping us become the organization we are today!

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