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AWARE Ink Newsletter

SDMI Case Management taking shape across the state

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

AWARE recently signed the contract for Severe and Disabling Mental Illness (SDMI) Waiver Case Management with the Addictive and Mental Disorders Division of the Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services. AWARE was awarded this contract in late June and has been working diligently with SDMI members and stakeholders on the transfer of services for approximately 500 people.

To date, AWARE has hired about 70 percent of the employees needed for the program, and we are providing case management services to enrolled members across all regions of this statewide program. AWARE still has a few positions available within the program. To see the remaining opportunities please click here (SDMI jobs).

This program has experienced significant changes to the residential care system on top of a transition to a new case management provider. AWARE’s top priority is the stabilization of care. We aim to ease member worries by serving as a primary point of contact, and we’re helping providers with prior authorizations and other systematic processes.

“Providers and clients are reaching out frequently because they know they have someone working for them. It gives them some comfort knowing they have someone who is trying to help them get their needs met and point them in the right direction,” said Amanda Wallace, a clinical lead for the program, said.

Our goal is to streamline access to adult behavioral health care so that we can minimize the need for a waiting list in the future. We hope to increase the number of people enrolled to 650 by the end of fiscal year 2022, and then further increase that number to 750 by the end of fiscal year 2023.

Ultimately, we want to ensure everyone in our care can access services that help them live independent lives.

For questions about SDMI Case Management, please contact Jake Henderson by email at or by phone at 406.563.8117.

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